BMW Group scores solid financial results in 2022

The BMW Group met its forecasted financial targets for 2022 and delivered a solid operating performance in a difficult business environment. The premium manufacturer significantly increased Group EBT (€ 23,5 billion/ +46,4%) and net profit (€ 18,6 billion/ +49,1%) from the previous year, despite a decrease in sales (-4,8%).

This positive development can be attributed to improved pricing, positive product-mix effects, and the full consolidation of the Chinese joint venture, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA).

“There are two essential elements to our success in 2022: a strong and passionate team effort by our entire workforce worldwide – and compelling products that provide us with the right response to a persistently challenging environment,” said CEO Oliver Zipse on Thursday in Munich.

“It shows that those who tackle the transformation with courage and consistency while maintaining high flexibility can achieve solid performance, even under volatile conditions. We will continue on this BMW path in the future as we steer the company further along the road to success.”

Shareholders will also participate in the success of the financial year 2022. Subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting, the company’s unappropriated profit (according to the German Commercial Code) of € 5,48 billion (2021: € 3,83 billion/ +43.2%) will be distributed to shareholders from BMW AG’s net profit.

The Board of Management and Supervisory Board will propose a dividend of € 8,5 per share of common stock (2021: € 5.,8) and € 8,52 per share of preferred stock to the Annual General Meeting on 11 May.

Electrified models

Rising sales of fully-electric models, which were up 107,7% in 2022, accounted for 9% of deliveries in 2022 and helped further lower the CO2 emissions value of the new vehicle fleet in the EU. This figure came in at 105,0 g CO2 per km (WLTP) based on preliminary calculations.

This represents a decrease of 9,4%, significantly outperforming the value for the previous year and the applicable emissions target by 22,5 g/km (2021: 115,9 g/km). The BMW Group is forging ahead with the electrification of its product lineup and aims to raise the share of fully-electric vehicles in its total deliveries to 15% this year.

Electrified vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs ) accounted for a total of 18,1% (433 792 units/ +32,1% compared to 2021) of deliveries. Sales of fully-electric cars reached 215 752 units, more than double compared to the previous year (+107,7%, as already mentioned).

As expected, total vehicle deliveries were slightly lower than the previous year, at 2 399 632 units (2021: 2 521 514 vehicles/ -4.8%). Consistently high customer demand was reflected in the company’s strong order book. However, this could not be entirely fulfilled due to difficulties with the supply of semiconductor components, supply chain disruptions, and COVID lockdowns in China.

The continuing transformation of the BMW Group is reflected in the moderate increase in research and development spending: R&D costs totaled € 6,6 billion (2021: € 6,3 billion/ +5.2%). R&D expenditure is mainly driven by new models, the ‘Neue Klasse’, and the associated development of the sixth generation of electric drive trains. Additional investments were also made in the digitalization of the vehicle fleet and automated driving.

BMW Motorrad

In 2022, BMW Motorrad pressed ahead with the brand’s electrification in the urban mobility field with the series introduction of the BMW CE 04 electric scooter. Deliveries in the Motorcycles Segment reached a new all-time high of 202 895 units in 2022 (against 194 261 units in 2021/ +4,4%).

Although performance in the European markets, with the exception of France (+6.7%), was less dynamic, sales in China (+7,7%) saw a solid increase, and deliveries in the Americas rose significantly (+14,4% compared to 2021). The business performance benefited from this sales growth and positive pricing and product mix effects. Higher material and logistics costs impacted the Motorcycles Segment during the reporting year.

The segment posted revenues of € 3,2 billion (2021: € 2,75 billion/ +15,6%), with an EBIT of € 257 million (2021: € 227 million/ +13,2%).


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