German ID Design presents versatile e-motorcycle concept

The MIUNIK Salt concept from German design firm ID Design is a lightweight, maneuverable, and practical electric motorcycle. It is built on a modular platform and intended for the urban dweller.

The vehicle’s aim is to provide a multi-faceted user experience thanks to a very deliberate design that can be mixed and matched to suit specific needs. The bike can easily be adapted to pretty much do it all: “from daily commuting, excursions to the countryside, shopping, and even transporting and delivering small to medium-sized items,” the website says.


The MIUNIK Salt’s versatility lies in the smart contraption at the rear of the bike. A universal adapter makes it possible to configure the bike for whatever task you need to accomplish.

It lies at the heart of the bike’s modular design and can easily mount and dismount boxes, crates, luggage racks, and other accessories without the need for any tools whatsoever.

The MIUNIK Salt can be configured with a removable single or dual-battery option, with a range of around 70 or 140 kilometers, respectively. Charging can be done on or off the bike. Today, the MIUNIK Salt is still in the concept phase.




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