SD Worx: ‘One in 500 Belgian employees has mobility budget’

Today, one in 500 Belgian employees has a mobility budget (MOB). Their number almost doubled in one year: from 0,10% in 2021 to 1,18% in 2022. With the federal mobility budget, employees exchange their (right to a) company car for a budget they can use to organize their own mobility sustainably.

Given the limited absolute numbers, the mobility budget remains a differentiator in the war for talent. Brussels employers, however, are forerunners. The figures come from a study by SD Worx among 36 000 employers and more than 1,1 million employees.

White-collar workers

The federal mobility budget was introduced four years ago. Today, 0,58% of Dutch and 0,35% of Walloon employers offer it; Brussels employers who offer a MOB represent 2,46%.

Annelies Rottiers, SD Worx: “The MOB is most mainly popular among employees between 25 and 40 years old. Especially among those who don’t really need a car or have sufficient alternatives available. […] It’s most easily accepted by Brussels employers, which makes sense: many white-collar workers work in Brussels, and public transport is an alternative for commuting.”

Rent or mortgage loan

Amaury Gérard, CEO and co-founder of Mbrella: “We also see the exponential growth in the use of the MOB, partly due to the employees who actively request it. Today, the option to finance the rent or mortgage loan with the MOB is popular because it offers employees extra comfort in uncertain times.”

In general: the larger the company, the more likely that the mobility budget will be introduced. Employers offer more flexibility, and with the MOB, they can respond to individual needs. So it’s a winner in the war for talent.





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