Mini’s new in-car digital companion has four paws and is called Spike

Man’s best friend is getting a promotion to a digital assistant. Mini debuts the English Bulldog Spike in its Concept Aceman for the Auto Shanghai show, starting next week on April 18th. It’s still a design concept for now, but Spike will make its way into Mini’s digital ecosystem in the future.

Spike has been part of the Mini brand since the original New Mini was launched in 2001. The English Bulldog has been featured in TV commercials, ad campaigns, and merchandising. Now, the four-legged friend is getting a cartoonish digital makeover in preparation for its new role as a digital companion.

Characterful companion

Its debut comes at Auto Shanghai, starting on April 18th, where Spike will be presented as an ‘art toy’ in the form of a large sculpture and in the cockpit of the Concept Aceman. The concept car precedes a model between the electric 3-door Mini and an electric Countryman, which is coming soon.

Spike’s job is to transform the role of the in-car digital assistant into a more happy and friendly experience with its own character. And perhaps not understanding or listening when you shout commands at it will feel more natural. No word yet on when Spike will make its way to series production.


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