Scania’s long haul Northvolt battery to last 1,5 million km

Scania is starting production of its regional long-haul electric heavy-duty trucks later this year, with a range of about 350 km. Powering these trucks is a new battery from Northvolt, with prismatic cells, a 1,5 million km lifespan, and a much smaller carbon footprint compared to the industry average.

Scania and Northvolt started the development of this new battery cell for heavy commercial vehicles back in 2017. The result is a prismatic battery cell with a capacity of 157 Ah, a voltage of 3,6 V and, more importantly, a lifetime of 1,5 million kilometers, which equates to the lifetime of the vehicle. It was one of Scania’s demands.

The prismatic cell is already in production and will be assembled into packs by Scania starting later this year /Northvolt & Scania

In production later this year

Northvolt has already started producing the battery cells in its Ett facility in northern Sweden, while Scania is building a new battery factory in Södertälje, Sweden, to assemble these cells into battery packs for its regional long-haul trucks, the Scania 45 R and 45 S, starting later this year. These heavy trucks have a battery capacity of 624 kWh and can achieve a range of 350 km on the highway.

Northvolt also calls this new prismatic cell a “green battery”, thanks to a carbon footprint that’s three times smaller than the industry average thanks to the Ett factory’s 100% sustainable energy supply from wind and hydro.


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