‘New’ Mercedes E-Class goes heavy on tech

Mercedes-Benz has launched the new generation of the E-Class W214, with a familiar shape but a revamped interior filled with displays and other tech features. However, under the hood, only 2-liter 4-cylinder engines are present at launch, with or without hybrid assistance.

The new Mercedes E-Class does not represent a revolution in terms of design. Instead, take the old model, add some features to have it match the latest C- and S-Class models in terms of looks, and Bob’s your uncle.

However, there are some new design details, like the black frame around the grille, which extends to the headlights. Mercedes says this references the same idea found in the electric EQ models. At the rear, the taillights now have a star-shaped light signature.

The new E-Class is the latest model from Mercedes to receive the (optional) Superscreen with (optional) passenger display, which can now run third-party apps /Mercedes-Benz


More significant changes are found inside, where the E-Class adopts the MBUX Superscreen, similar to the Hyperscreen found in the EQS and EQE models. That means a massive central screen flanked by a separate driver’s display and an optional passenger display.

Third-party apps are also supported, with an optional selfie camera for photo sharing and video calling apps. Mercedes also promises more room on board, and a larger trunk, which now measures 540 liters.

Regarding drivetrains, while six-cylinder engines are mentioned in the press release, the E-Class only gets 2-liter 4-cylinder engines at launch in Europe.

There’s an E 200 (204 hp, gasoline) and an E 220 d (197 hp, diesel), with mild hybrid assistance as standard. The E-Class is the last all-new model from Mercedes to get ICE-only drivetrains.

Every E-Class plug-in hybrid gets a 95 kW electric motor and a 25,4 kWh battery for an all-electric range of around 100 km /Mercedes-Benz

Bigger battery for the hybrids

The plug-in hybrids are based on the same combustion engines, but compared to the previous generation, the battery has increased massively from 13,5 kWh to 25,4 kWh. That allows for a fully-electric range of 95 to 118 km, depending on the model and equipment. The same 95 kW/129-hp electric motor is used for each hybrid model.

At launch, only gasoline-based plug-in hybrids are available, with the E 300 e (313 hp) and the E 400 e (381 hp), with the difference in power coming from the combustion engine. However, diesel hybrids, like the current E 300 de, will follow soon.

Sales of the new E-Class W214 are to commence in Europe in the summer, with deliveries starting in the fall. An estate model and the CLE coupé and convertible, which bridges the current C- and E-Class coupé/convertible, are also coming soon.


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