Poppy allows users to pay per minute or kilometer

Poppy Mobility, D’Ieteren’s shared mobility service, has decided to give its users a choice to pay per kilometer or minute. Until now, the mobility provider only offered a price per minute. Now it is also possible to choose to pay per kilometer.

The new formula, with a well-thought-out rate of 0,95 euro/km, reduces the stress of Poppy drivers in very heavy city traffic and sets the driver’s mind at rest about the final amount to be paid.

More reassuring

According to Pierre de Schaetzen, CMO of Poppy, the new formula is more reassuring. “With a price per kilometer, drivers can relax and no longer have to worry about paying unnecessarily if stuck in traffic.”

The mobility organization with the bright red cars has tested and compared the two formulas and noticed that the price per minute is still the most commonly used rate, as it is cheaper for most journeys. However, in some cases, such as short journeys where high traffic is expected, the price per kilometer becomes more profitable for users.

Poppy has calculated that when the average speed of your trip in a Poppy car descends below 25 kph, it is more interesting to opt for a price per kilometer. Above that, the more popular price per minute is more realistic.

Created in 2017

The Poppy cars can be unlocked via an app. Fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price. The fleet contains more than ten car models – gasoline and electric – and users can choose between premium models or vans.

Poppy was created in 2017 in Antwerp and is also operational in Brussels, Mechelen, Ghent, Lier, and Liège. The company has grown spectacularly since the end of the corona pandemic. Pierre de Schaetzen, Poppy’s CMO, explains why. “Due to teleworking, private passenger cars are being used less and less. Cars stand still, and below 12 000 km, a shared car is cheaper.”


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