Belgium investigates greenwashing at Brussels Motor Show

Car manufacturers are not allowed to extol the virtues of their products by using terms like ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco smart’. Greenwashing is forbidden. This is what the Belgian Federal Service for Economy says, following checks at the latest motor show in Brussels.

During that motor show in January 2023, inspectors checked whether exhibitors at the show did not use false environmental claims. Also, vague and factually incorrect claims or incorrect pricing are prohibited.

Two of the five companies that made environmental claims are now being investigated for possible violations. The Economic Inspectorate also discovered that in seven cases, the information about the legal guarantee was not clear.

Thorny issue

Pricing also remains a thorny issue. Of the 41 brands checked, 10 brands did not state the sales price correctly. For example, the price shown may not include the trade-in premium for the old car, and the price must relate to the exact model shown.

Among the offenders were also some luxury brands that only gave prices on demand. Exhibitors who violated the rules, were given a warning.


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