Volvo starts testing 1.000 km range hydrogen truck on public roads

After unveiling the prototype in 2022, Volvo Trucks has started testing its hydrogen fuel cell electric truck on public roads. It promises a range of 1 000 km, with refueling times of less than 15 minutes. But series production is still a few years away.

In June 2022, Volvo Trucks presented its hydrogen-electric heavy truck, which boasts a gross vehicle weight of 65 tons or more, a 1 000 km driving range (similar to diesel trucks), and a refueling time of less than 15 minutes, while emitting only water vapor. Volvo Trucks has partnered with rival Daimler Truck to develop this hydrogen-electric drivetrain.

Harsh conditions to start with

Now, the prototype is ready for testing on public roads. Volvo Trucks has chosen the wintery conditions in northern Sweden to perform its first tests as a worst-case scenario. Hydrogen trucks will also have an advantage in these rural areas, where charging infrastructure will be less available.

Hydrogen promises similar ease-of-use as diesel without the harmful emissions, but a steady supply of green hydrogen from renewable sources is needed to achieve carbon neutrality /Volvo Trucks

Powering Volvo Trucks’ hydrogen-electric heavy-duty truck are two fuel cells from Cellcentric, the joint venture between Volvo Trucks and Daimler Truck, which have a combined capacity of 300 kW. That electricity gets fed into a buffer battery, which delivers the power to the electric motor(s).

However, series production will still take a bit of time. After internal testing on public roads, the hydrogen-electric truck prototypes will make their way to customers for real-world testing by 2024.

Volvo Trucks estimates that production and deliveries will commence in “the second half of the decade”. The factories in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Ghent (Belgium) will produce these hydrogen trucks alongside electric and diesel trucks.


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