Colruyt starts testing with electric 44-ton and refrigerated trucks

Colruyt is working toward its goal of having all of its transport operations zero-emission by 2035. The retail group has taken delivery of a 44-ton Volvo FM Electric and five smaller electric refrigerated trucks from Volvo and Scania.

The heavy truck will distribute goods to the Colruyt Group supermarkets and stores, while the refrigerated trucks will be used by the group’s online food wholesaler Solucious.

Colruyt Group has set itself in an ideal position to transition toward zero-emission transport. Not only because it operates in Belgium, with limited distances between locations, but also with its energy companies Virya Energy and DATS 24 for production and infrastructure, respectively.

Electrified and subsidized

Now, the retail group announces it has started a trial run with battery-electric trucks for distribution. A total of six electric trucks have been purchased with some help from VLAIO, the Flemish Bureau for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Flanders gives a subsidy of around €125 000 for the purchase of each electric truck.

The smaller refrigerated box trucks from Volvo and Scania will be tested by the group’s food wholesaler Solucious, which operates from the Laekebeek distribution center /Colruyt Group

Four e-trucks for Colruyt Group are supplied by Volvo Trucks: a 44-ton Volvo FM Electric and three Volvo FE refrigerated box trucks. Scania provides the other two P230 refrigerated box trucks. The heavy-duty Volvo FM Electric has a driving range of up to 300 km, while the smaller box trucks have a range of 200 (Volvo) to 250 km (Scania).

The refrigeration units are also powered by electricity rather than diesel, which means less noise and emissions. This is especially important, as Solucious does a lot of deliveries to restaurants and hospitals in city centers.

With the purchase of these electric trucks, Colruyt has also fulfilled its promises as part of the Brussels Green Deal, which included concrete actions in low-emission urban logistics by signing organizations by 2025.


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