Poppy bans speed merchants via facial recognition system

Poppy Mobility, D’Ieteren’s shared mobility service, has invested significantly in recent months. The company doubled its offer and now has a fleet of 1 000 vehicles in the 19 Brussels municipalities and 2 000 in Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen, Lier, Liège, and Belgian airports.

Since January 1st, the company also uses a system based on facial recognition to temporarily or permanently ban speed merchants from its cars. In the meantime, about 400 users of the Poppy app have been barred from the system. According to Pierre de Schaetzen, Poppy’s marketing director, the aim is to “preventively communicate and raise awareness about dangerous driving”.

Thanks to the system, Poppy can temporarily or permanently ban speed merchants and, in extreme cases, completely block the car.

Shared cars free space in Brussels streets

Since the corona pandemic, business has been booming for the Belgian-based company with bright red vehicles. “Thanks to teleworking, private cars are used less frequently. Shared transport is cheaper and more convenient for those, covering less than 12 000 kilometers a year,” explains Sylvain Niset, CEO of Poppy.

Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen) is pleased with Poppy’s new technology. “It shows that Poppy actively participates in the fight against unsafe traffic behavior. She’s also happy with the company’s recent expansions.

“Ten to fifteen families can use one shared car. That will create a lot of space on the streets of Brussels. In addition, shared cars are more accessible for people who cannot afford their own, ” she concludes.

New formula

The Poppy cars can be unlocked via an app. Fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price. The fleet contains more than ten car models – gasoline and electric – and users can choose between premium models or vans.

Poppy recently decided to give its users a choice to pay per kilometer or minute. Until now, the mobility provider only offered a price per minute. Now it is also possible to choose to pay per kilometer.

The new formula reduces the stress of Poppy drivers in heavy city traffic and sets the driver’s mind at rest about the final amount to be paid.


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