Honda expands European range with hybrid ZR-V and electric e:Ny1

Honda is accelerating its electrified assault on the European market with the hybrid ZR-V, a compact SUV between the HR-V and the CR-V, and the e:Ny1, an electric SUV that looks strikingly similar to the current HR-V.

While Honda has fallen a bit behind in terms of electrification, with currently only a few hybrids and the electric city car Honda e in its model range, the Japanese manufacturer is determined to make up for lost time with the launch of not one, but two all-new electrified SUVs. That plays into the current appetite of European customers.

The Civic’s DNA is also visible on the inside of the ZR-V, but Honda promises additional practicality /Honda

ZR-V: Civic-based SUV

Let’s start with the ZR-V. It’s a C-segment SUV based on the Civic platform, with the same 2.0 e:HEV self-charging hybrid drivetrain. It fits in between the HR-V and CR-V in the model range, with the latter growing a bit in its latest generation to make room. That places it in direct competition with the Toyota Corolla Cross, another self-charging hybrid SUV.

Honda promises a comfortable and flexible interior, with handy storage compartments and easy-to-use trunk space. The rest of the interior mimics what we’ve already seen with the Civic, with a clean design and a relatively small central display compared to European rivals. The ZR-V is set to launch in Europe in the fall of 2023.

The Honda e:Ny1 looks a lot like an electric HR-V but apparently features an all-new electric architecture /Honda

e:Ny1: not an HR-V

The e:Ny1 also looks familiar because its exterior is a copy of the current HR-V. However, Honda does not mention this relation in the press release, stating that this compact SUV is based on an all-new ‘e:N Architecture F’. That means that Honda finally has a practical everyday EV in its model range.

Its 68.6 kWh battery promises a range of 412 km, while a single electric motor powers the front wheels with a maximum output of 150 kW (204 hp) and 310 Nm. The e:Ny1 (presumably pronounced ‘anyone’) also introduces Honda’s EV design language, with white accents and a different badge font.

On the inside, the Honda e:Ny1 differs from the HR-V, with a completely redesigned dashboard featuring a large central display and a digital instrument cluster. Honda has given no launch date.

The big central display dominates the e:Ny1’s dashboard, but the driver’s display is also new /Honda


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