Belgian bicycle market sprints to top result: +19%

After a slight decrease in 2021, mainly due to delivery problems, the Belgian bicycle market has grown by a substantial 19% to almost 700 000 units (695 871 to be precise), or 110 958 more than in 2021.

The corona problems are clearly behind us, and plenty of bicycles and spare parts are available. According to Filip Rylant, spokesperson for mobility federation Traxio, it explains the massive increase of 19%.

Market shift

The big winner is the e-bike, of which 101 786 additional units were sold (+45%). Sales of traditional bicycles also grew, but less spectacularly (+2,6%). As a result, we see an essential market shift: the share of e-bikes grew to almost half (47,2%).

Striking is the trend of increasingly expensive bicycles. Electrically assisted sports bikes like cargo bikes, longtails, and folding bikes are proliferating. The most significant riser in terms of percentage in cycling is the e-gravel bike, which was sold almost 64 times more than one year earlier.

Bicycle shops

Bicycle shops present themselves as the channel for the sale of e-bikes. The share of e-bikes has grown enormously to 236 587 units, but there is still a good balance with the mechanical bike (210 674 units). In the multichannel sale, 91 493 e-bikes were sold (27,9%) versus 157 117 non-e-bikes (63,2%).

Last year, the electric bicycle accounted for 91,7% of the total market increase. In hardly four years, the electric bike market share has evolved from 1/3 to 1/2 (the 47,2% mentioned above).


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