Sporty bikes are gaining ground again

According to sector federation Traxio, 198 095 sporty bikes were delivered in 2022, 28,5% of the total bikes delivered for 2022. That’s a rise of 23 623 units compared to 2021. There was also a sharp rise in electric bikes in some subsegments of these sporty bikes, while the so-called ‘last-mile’ segments are also growing fast.

Filip Rylant, Traxio spokesman: “The mountain bike remains the most popular sports bike, followed by the road bike (where parts shortages hampered deliveries). Bikes with an electric aid are finally breaking through in this category, too; the last taboo seems to have disappeared.

Sporty bikes

When we look at the increase of electrically supported sporty bikes, we see a big growth of e-mountain bikes (e-MTB) (+117,4%), but even more so of e-road bikes (+ 401,1%) and a staggering growth of e-gravel bikes (+6 381,8%). Of course, the latter is a very recent phenomenon, and in 2021, only 22 of them were sold.

All in all, the trendy types of sporty bikes are now MTBs (electric or not) and gravel bikes. In both cases, the non-electric versions are still far ahead in absolute figures, but electrically supported ones are catching up quickly.

The increase of electrically supported sporty bikes and new types (like gravel) is noticeable /Traxio


Originally, so-called last-mile bikes were cargo bikes, but other categories now fit in this definition. Filip Rylant again: “In urban areas, we see more and more cargo bikes transporting people or goods, but now we also have so-called longtails and foldable bikes. Some 28 476 units were sold in 2022, and the trend is still growing.”

“They are extremely suitable for commuters (folding bikes) or for transporting children or goods (cargo and longtail). Due to their weight and bulk, they are mostly electrically supported and are an alternative for cars or even public transport in dense city areas.”

So-called last-mile bikes are also booming, with new categories to be added. The ‘heavy duty’ ones are all electrically supported /Traxio


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