Porsche opens first Charging Lounge near Frankfurt

Porsche has followed its sister brand Audi in opening its Charging Lounge, allowing Porsche EV owners to replenish their batteries while enjoying snacks, drinks, and a comfortable lounge. The Charging Lounge also offers quick charging at a reasonable price.

Porsche wants to lower the barrier to entry for electric mobility, although this does not mean that the German luxury sports brand wants to lower its prices. No, it wants to transform quick charging along the highway into a more premium experience, similar to an airport lounge. Porsche’s first Charging Lounge opened at the Nahetal highway junction near Frankfurt.

This is not an original idea by Porsche: Tesla has already toyed with the idea of adding a restaurant and even a movie theater next to its Superchargers, and sister brand Audi already completed a trial run of its Charging Hub in Nuremberg last year.

Inside the Porsche Charging Lounge, customers can enjoy drinks, snacks, and entertainment options in a comfortable atmosphere /Porsche

Porsche ID

Porsche customers simply have to register their number plate in their Porsche ID, which allows the barriers to open automatically. Using a Porsche Charging Card or a QR code in the Porsche app is also possible.

There, drivers can choose from six 300 kW DC fast-charging stations or four 22 kW AC charging points. Next year, up to 400 kW charging will be available. The prices are also quite favorable: €0,33 per kWh, compared to €0,79 per kWh at Ionity (or €0,59 per kWh with a €11,99 per month subscription). Billing is handled by Porsche, so customers can simply plug in and charge.

At the Charging Lounge, you can relax in a comfortable chair while enjoying a snack, a coffee, or a soft drink (no prices communicated for those), or even work out in front of a smart mirror. Porsche has paid special attention to the design of the lounges to “promote a sense of well-being”.

Porsche plans to offer more Charging Lounges in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the same locations Audi wants to offer its Charging Hubs.


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