Used car prices in Europe slightly lower in July

In July, prices of second-hand cars in Europe fell slightly. According to the Auto1 Group Price Index, the European report on used car prices, the prices in July 2023 were 13,6% lower than in July 2022 but still 25,6% higher than before the corona pandemic in July 2019.

One year ago, In July 2022, the Auto1 Group registered a value of 171,6 – the highest index in the entire index history. (The starting point of the index is January 2015, with a reference value of 100).

Slight decline

On an annual basis, the price curve remained relatively flat from January to July with a slight decline of 0,7%. This summer, however, the index fell from 152,2 in June to 148,2 in July.

Founded in 2012, Auto1 Group is a multi-brand technology company working on the best way to buy and sell cars online. Local consumer brands like ‘’ (we buy cars) offer consumers the fastest and easiest way to sell their vehicles.

Monthly evolution

The Auto1 Group Price Index shows the monthly evolution of used car prices across Europe. By analyzing Auto1 Group’s database of approximately 3,6 million used car transactions across Europe, Auto1 Group has developed an advanced index to improve data transparency in the used car market and provide insights into wholesale prices.


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