Alfa Romeo’s first EV for the happy few: 33 Stradale revived

Alfa Romeo kills two birds with one stone by presenting its long-awaited ‘6C’ supercar and its first fully-electric model: the 33 Stradale, which harks back to the Tipo 33 from the Sixties. But this hyper-exclusive supercar has a trick up its sleeve, as the electric drivetrain is not the only option on offer…

You could see the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale as the spiritual successor of the 8C Competizione from 2007, as both are limited-run supercars with some help from Maserati. Still, the 33 Stradale is much more exclusive: only 33 examples will be hand-built by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera.

Classic looks

The classic production style also warrants a classic look, with butterfly doors, a rounded look, and large headlamps that combine a classic shape with a modern LED light signature. The glass of the doors extends to the roof, providing lots of natural light on board, with a cockpit-style instrument panel for the driver.

33 Stradale customers can choose between a 620 hp V6 or a 750 hp electric drivetrain, both borrowed from Maserati /Alfa Romeo

Maserati V6 or electric drivetrain

Maserati’s influence is also quite apparent, as it seems that the 33 Stradale uses the Maserati MC20’s carbon monocoque chassis and drivetrain options. That means the 33 customers can choose a 3-liter V6 or a fully electric drivetrain – a unique offer for such a limited-run model.

The electric version has two electric motors, delivering over 750 hp, while the 90 kWh (net) battery pack gives it around 450 km of range. A sprint from 0-100 km/hour takes less than three seconds, while the top speed exceeds 310 km/hour.

The curb weight of this electric supercar stays under 2,1 tons, according to Alfa Romeo. Charging should be quick, too, thanks to an 800 V architecture also found in the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore, although there are no figures yet.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale’s interior is very driver-focused, combining a digital instrument panel with physical switches /Alfa Romeo

The V6 is lighter

Picking the V6 has some benefits, including a weight of under 1 500 kg (or about 600 kg in weight savings) and a higher top speed of 333 km/hour, thanks to a >620 hp engine. The acceleration and braking performance stays quite similar between both drivetrain variants.

The owner can customize each example, even up to the last eight digits of the chassis number. But it’s no use contacting your Alfa Romeo dealership for an allocation, as every example has already found an owner.

The price, too, is therefore unknown. But that shouldn’t worry the owners if this one is to follow in the original 33 Stradale’s footsteps. At the 2015 Detroit auto show, while presenting the Alfa 4C Spider, Alfa’s Head of North America estimated the market value of the 33 Stradale at “well over $10 million”.


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