Kia to launch its compact EV5 in China at €20.000

South Korean carmaker Kia is launching its EV5 compact SUV in China at a record-low price of 159 800 yuan, some 20 000 euros, Korean media write. That’s way below Tesla’s budget Model Y, a ‘price breaker’ that starts at 263 900 yuan (€33 245).

Kia said it would launch the EV5 first in China before the end of 2023 but intends to take it globally. It will reveal its strategy at the upcoming Kia Days in October, further elaborating on ‘its global vision for electrification’.

Compact version of EV9

The Concept EV5 was unveiled in March at Kia’s Chinese EV Day, as this electric SUV will be the first dedicated EV from Kia for the Chinese market – Kia currently only has the K3 EV in its model range in China, an electric version of the compact sedan also known as the Cerato in Europe.

In terms of exterior design, the Concept EV5 copies the boxy shape of its big brother, the EV9, Kia’s largest electric SUV so far. It gets a similar ‘Digital Tiger Face’ with slim so-called ‘Star Map LED Lighting’. At 4 615 mm long, 1 875 mm wide, and 1 715 mm tall, it is slightly more compact than the Chinese Tesla Y, which is almost 15 cm longer and 21 cm wider but less high (9 cm less).

Less spectacular than the concept

The final production version shown now is less spectacular than the first concept, lacking the swiveling seats and suicide doors ‘allowing for a cozy outdoor seating arrangement’. This one is more down-to-earth, available in China in nine glossy colors, one matte color, and a modern ‘inspirational cabin design’ with lots of space that intends to offer home-like comfort.

According to The Korean Car Blog, Kia says its research has revealed that millennial households regard the interior of their EV SUV not just as a place to sit safely and comfortably when traveling from A to B but as an additional ‘room’ to live in.

Range of +600 km CLTP

There are no official specs from Kia yet on this EV5, but leaked information from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, where all new models have to be approved, suggests it will be powered by a single 214 hp electric motor (310 Nm max torque). It is expected to have a battery capacity of 82 kWh, more than the EV6,  in the longer-range variant offering over 600 km of range (CLTP).


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