Tesla Model 3 gets revamped look and longer range (2023)

Tesla has thoroughly updated its entry-level Model 3 with a new exterior look, an upgraded interior in terms of quality and equipment, and a more extended EV range thanks to improved aerodynamics. The new Model 3 will be delivered to the first European customers in the Fall of 2023.

Tesla has previously said that it doesn’t do facelifts, instead choosing to update its models when the improved parts and the production lines are ready. But with this heavily revised Model 3, the American EV manufacturer seems to have gone for the traditional mid-life cycle update four years after the model arrived in Europe.

Slimmer looks

It’s not hard to tell what Tesla has changed with the Model 3 for 2023. The front fascia is completely new, with much more narrow headlamps and a new front bumper design.

At the rear, too, the light units have been slimmed down, with some help from extra lights in the lower bumper, where the reflectors sit. The final touches to the bodywork include a ‘Tesla’ script on the trunk lid, rather than the logo, and new wheel designs.

Longer range

All of these changes add up to a lowered drag coefficient, from 0.225 to 0.219, which significantly impacts the range. The entry-level RWD model now achieves 513 km WLTP, while the Long Range reaches 629 km per charge.

If you opt for the smaller 18-inch wheels, the range improves to 554 km and 678 km respectively, although this is an estimate rather than an official figure. Still, that means that the Model 3 leaps over its main rival, the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor, which ‘only’ manages up to 655 km.

The interior of the facelifted Tesla Model 3 gets a significant improvement in terms of quality and materials, with more equipment available too /Tesla

Improved quality

On the interior, too, Tesla promises a giant leap forward in terms of quality. The materials have been improved, and the dashboard gets a new look, removing the wood pattern trim but adding a configurable light strip, which extends from the dashboard onto the door panels.

The central touch screen stays the same size (15,4 inch) but gets smaller bezels, while the indicator and transmission stalks have been removed. The former has been replaced by capacitive touch buttons on the steering wheel, while the latter is now another function found on the central display, similar to the recent Model S and Model X.

The facelifted Model 3 gets more equipment, with ventilated front seats and improved rear seat comfort thanks to improved ergonomics. The rear passengers now have their own touch screen for entertainment and climate control functions, including heated rear seats. Finally, the Long Range model gets an improved sound system with 17 speakers.

The new look of the Tesla Model 3 improves its aerodynamics, giving the model a range of up to 678 km /Tesla

Available to order now

Pricing in Belgium has stayed the same, with a starting price of 45 970 euros for the RWD model and 53 970 euros for the Model 3 Long Range. The first deliveries are expected in October or November 2023; the configurator has already been updated.


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