Cologne expands hydrogen bus fleet with 18 more Solaris Urbino 18s

Regionalverkehr Köln (RVK), Cologne’s regional public transport company, has ordered 18 more hydrogen e-buses from Solaris, expanding the fleet, which already consists of 35 hydrogen buses from Solaris. The new buses are the articulated Urbino 18 model, which was revealed in 2022.

Cologne ordered its first hydrogen bus from Polish manufacturer Solaris in 2020 and is seemingly very happy with the zero-emission alternative offered. RVK’s fleet consists of 35 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses today, over a quarter of the total Urbino 12s in circulation.

140 passengers, 350 km

Now, 18 more hydrogen buses are added to the fleet, all Urbino 18 articulated models, announced almost exactly a year ago, in September 2022. The Urbino 18 has space for up to 140 passengers and offers a 350 km range, just like the Urbino 12, thanks to three more hydrogen tanks.

The bus also has high-efficiency air conditioning and a heat pump, a remote fleet management system, and the MobileEye Shield+ driver-assistance system, improving safety.

RVK can expect its new hydrogen buses by the second half of 2024. Solaris also builds battery-electric buses used by Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB.


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