Flanders makes GPS use mandatory part of practical driving exam

Driving according to the guidelines of a GPS will become a mandatory part of the practical driving test as of October 1st. So, candidate drivers will not only have to prove they can complete a course by following the traffic signs but also according to the instructions of a navigation device. Drivers need to be able to follow directions from their GPS while keeping an eye on the road and driving safely.

A recent study by the Mobility Institute (Hasselt University) showed the importance of testing during the driving test whether candidate drivers can use a navigation system smoothly and correctly since there is a genuine chance that drivers will regularly drive to their destination with a GPS after obtaining their driver’s license. Therefore, it has now become a mandatory part of the exam.

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Candidate drivers are expected to be able to operate the device smoothly and correctly and to demonstrate they can make independent decisions. For those who do not have a device, the examiner will provide one.

Candidates can choose whether to use the GPS in their vehicle or a free app on their smartphone (Waze, Google Maps…). The GPS must be audible to the examiner and use Dutch.

During the test, the examiner will ask the candidate driver to pull over at the side of the road and enter a specified destination into the GPS device. The driver must follow the GPS instructions and drive to the selected location while respecting traffic regulations.


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