BMW iX1 becomes less expensive thanks to entry-level eDrive20

BMW has unveiled a cheaper variant of its entry-level EV: the iX1 eDrive20, which sacrifices four-wheel-drive for a lower starting price. However, the battery pack remains the same as in the more expensive xDrive30, which means the cheaper car also goes further on a charge.

Last year, BMW launched the iX1, the electric counterpart of its popular compact SUV X1 and the cheapest EV in the German brand’s catalog. It became available with just one powertrain option: the iX1 xDrive30, with two electric motors and a total power figure of 313 hp, for a Belgian price of 57 950 euros.

€8 000 cheaper

Now, that starting price is lowered to just under 50 000 euros (49 950 euros, to be precise), thanks to the entry-level eDrive20. This version does away with the rear electric motor, making it front-wheel-drive and limiting its power to 150 kW (205 hp). That means a sprint from 0-100 km/hour now takes 8,6 seconds, rather than 5,7 s in the xDrive30.

However, both models share the same battery pack, with a usable capacity of 64.7 kWh. That means the slightly more efficient and lighter iX1 eDrive20 goes further on a charge, from 430 to 475 km, according to BMW. The xDrive30 manages 413 to 438 km.

The BMW iX1 comes with the BMW Curved Display and Operating System 9 as standard /BMW

Charging remains the same, with an 11 kW on-board AC charger as standard, with 22 kW available as an option. Fast charging is available up to 130 kW, which takes 29 minutes to take the battery level from 10 to 80 percent in ideal circumstances.


Of course, we already got a preview of this base-level powertrain thanks to the recently announced Mini Countryman E, which shares its platform and powertrain with the BMW iX1. In the Mini, the same motor and battery pack takes you up to 462 km down the road.

The cheaper BMW iX1 eDrive20 enters production in November 2023, with the first deliveries scheduled for early 2024.


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