Chinese Seres showcases beefier 5 and new 7 SUVs

From all the foreign brands eager to conquer the European market, Seres, the American-Chinese manufacturer from the same group as DFSK, is the odd man out, focusing on lesser-known local dealerships to import and market their EVs overseas. That often translates into ‘under-exposure’ compared to other Chinese brands investing in direct sales or using established importers.

In Munich, at IAA, the brand now showcased a beefier version of the Seres 5 SUV with a semi-solid-state battery of 90 kWh offering 530 km (WLTP) and a new large Seres 7 SUV with range-extender technology. But little information is readily available.

Aito M7 twin

New is the Seres 7, according to the company, “the showstopper E-class flagship model, a premium large electric drive SUV with a unique six-in-one range extender powertrain that expands the forward space of the passenger cabin.” This six-seater is the same as the Aito M7 in China. AITO is the electric vehicle brand jointly created by Huawei and Seres Group.

The Aito 7 is 5 020 mm long, 1 945 mm wide, and 1 775 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2 820 mm. Its 1.5-liter gasoline range extender technology offers a range of more than 1 000 km. In China, the Aito M7 is offered in two versions: one with a single electric motor (RWD) at 272 hp and a flagship variant with two electric motors at 449 hp combined.

Seres 5 with hybrid solid-state battery

The Seres 5 was the second model for Europe next to the Seres 3, launched at the Brussels Motor Show in January of this year. The Seres 5 is a midsize electric SUV with up to 585 hp and a driving range of around 500 km. Now, at IAA in Munich, it presented the flagship version of it, a four-wheel drive variant with two electric motors and up to 585 hp.

That should allow the Seres 5 to jump from 0 to 100 km/hour in 3,7 seconds. It gets the most powerful battery available, 90 kWh, and according to Chinese media, this would be a ternary solid-liquid hybrid lithium battery from Ganfeng Lithium.

In December 2021, Ganfeng unveiled a first-generation hybrid solid-liquid lithium-ion battery, a hybridized version as a step-up to using a solid material as an electrolyte. It has an oxide electrolyte and uses graphite for the negative electrode with a solid electrolyte diaphragm.

In January 2022, this battery was presented for the first time in 50 demo taxi versions of the Dongfeng Fengshen E70 electric sedan, which was co-developed with PSA (now Stellantis). Dongfeng says the cars have an average range of 400 km.

Imported by OneAutomotive in Belgium

The Seres 5 became available in March 2023 with a Belgian starting price of 63 900 euros, which gets you a Seres 5 2WD Standard. A Seres 5, 4WD Premium costs 67 900 euros, and the Flagship trim level will set you back 74 900 euros.

In Belgium, Seres is one of the Chinese brands imported by OneAutomotive in Geel, next to BAIC, DFSK, Forthing (Dongfeng), JAC, and SWM.

OneAutomotive grew out of a modest family business car dealer, Laenen, one of the first to start selling Kia in Belgium in 1993. At that time, it was still totally unknown. Two years later, Seat was added to the portfolio. They lost the Seat dealership some years ago; lately, the Kia importer decided to push them to the exit.


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