Volkswagen ID.X Performance: two motors and +550 hp

Volkswagen has unveiled its sporty interpretation of the ID.7 sedan: the ID.X Performance. It features a two-motor electric drivetrain with 558 hp and numerous carbon enhancements for the bodywork. Does this show car hint at what the MEB platform is capable of?

Remember the Wörthersee GTI Treffen, the year’s highlight for fans of powerful and unique VAG products? Volkswagen has imagined an electrified interpretation of the event with the ID. Treffen, a 5-day event earlier this month for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Locarno, at the Swiss side of Lago Maggiore. And this ID.X Performance was the star of the show.

Lots of carbon has been added to the ID.7’s body to create a racy look for the Volkswagen ID.X Performance / Volkswagen

Racy body kit

Realistically, the VW ID.X Performance is ‘just’ an ID.7 with the dials turning to 11. The bodywork is widened, lowered by 60 mm, and adorned with carbon aero devices, such as a large rear spoiler, a diffuser, and a front splitter. It sits on 20-inch wheels similar to Porsche wheels and 265 mm wide racing tires.

On the inside, carbon bucket seats have been added, while a red accent is found throughout the cabin to emphasize the sporty characteristics. However, the dashboard largely remains the same.

On the inside, the ID.X Performance stays similar to the standard ID.7, except for carbon bucket seats for high-speed cornering / Volkswagen

Two electric motors, up to 558 hp

But most of the fun is found underneath the hood, where a second electric motor is located. It’s an asynchronous motor, which creates less drag when unnecessary. Both engines combined deliver a peak power figure of 411 kW (558 hp), nearly double what the standard ID.7 manages.

No other performance figures have been released. The maximum fast charging capacity stays at 200 kW, which probably means that the ID.7’s 85 kWh battery (net) remains. Volkswagen has already teased a 340 hp GTX variant of the ID.7, but this ID.X Performance proves that more is possible on the MEB platform.


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