Nikola officially launches its hydrogen truck in the US

Nikola has celebrated the commercial launch of its hydrogen fuel cell electric truck at its manufacturing facility in Arizona. The trucks are now ready to be built for customers, with Nikola also supplying the hydrogen refueling ecosystem.

After a few tumultuous months, with the recall of all of its battery-electric Tre trucks and the separation from Iveco, Nikola can finally share some good news to put its shareholders at ease. The assembly facility of its hydrogen truck has been completed, which means the fuel cell trucks can be delivered to customers.

223 trucks on order, 2 400-unit capacity

At this point in time, Nikola has 223 non-binding orders for its hydrogen fuel cell electric truck from 23 customers. The sales team has some work to do, as the manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona, has an annual production capacity of 2 400 trucks. The Bosch-made fuel cell module assembly line is scheduled for completion in Q4 as the last critical part of the production chain.

Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell truck has an operating range of up to 500 miles, with a refueling time of 20 minutes. Nikola also supplies its customers with the HYLA hydrogen refueling ecosystem, with 50 hydrogen stations promised for the US in the next five years. For now, mobile fueling units on semi-truck trailers are used.

This Nikola launch is not the only news happening in the hydrogen truck space this past week, with Daimler Truck’s Mercedes-Benz GenH2 truck setting a 1 047 km record on a single tank.


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