Mercedes-Benz Trucks finally unveils production-ready eActros 600

After a concept version, two prototypes, and a camouflaged test model, Mercedes-Benz Truck has finally lifted the cover off its production-ready long-haul battery-electric truck. Somewhat surprisingly, Mercedes has opted for a futuristic look that references the GenH2 truck concept.

We’ve known about the Mercedes eActros 600 for a while. Daimler Truck first showed a concept prototype at the IAA Transportation in 2022, which featured a similar face to the other Actros models, albeit with a closed grille.

Futuristic look

Now, just over a year later, the final version of the electric truck is made public. It features a modern look with a streamlined front, which references the GenH2 hydrogen truck concept and the electric Mercedes EQ road cars. To achieve the aerodynamic shape, the cab has been lengthened by 80 mm, with extra air deflectors and spoilers to maximize airflow efficiency.

The interior of the eActros 600 is similar to the diesel-powered models, although improved safety systems have been added / Daimler Truck

500 km range, 1,2 million km battery life

The eActros 600 uses three battery packs of 207 kWh, with a total capacity of 621 kWh, allowing for a 500 km range with a loaded trailer. Thanks to megawatt fast charging, over 1 000 km of driving per day should be possible if a quick charge is possible during the mandatory break for the driver. Daimler Truck promises that the batteries will keep over 80% of their capacity after 1.2 million kilometers and 10 years of use.

The electric rear axle is powered by two 800-volt electric motors, which generate a continuous output of 400 kW (544 hp) with a peak power output of 600 kW (816 hp). A four-speed transmission has been specifically developed for electric heavy-duty long-haul transport.

22-ton payload

Speaking of heavy-duty, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has finally revealed the payload of the eActros 600. In a 44-ton configuration, the electric truck should be able to carry around 22 tons with a standard semitrailer. This is slightly lower due to the weight of the batteries, but still very useful.

Sales of the Mercedes eActros 600 start this year, with series production scheduled to start before the end of 2024. Both tractor and rigid variants will be available. In the meantime, a fleet of 50 prototype trucks is being built for real-world testing by customers.


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