BatteryLoop gives Mercedes EV batteries second life in Gothenburg

Sweden´s largest energy storage system, made with reuse batteries with an output of 2.8 megawatts, was commissioned on Monday in Gothenburg. BatteryLoop, the subsidiary of Swedish Stena Recycling, specializing in connecting used EV batteries, used batteries from Mercedes-Benz EVs for its stationary energy storage system.

The storage system is to power a new sustainable district called Humlestaden, with approximately 3 000 homes and community spaces in the southwestern part of the Högsbo industrial area in Gothenburg.

The BLESS™ III is BatteryLoop’s most powerful energy storage system with a power of 2 800 kW and energy up to 3 700 kWh. It is designed to support larger commercial real estate and energy industries.

“The fact that our energy storage systems are made with reused batteries from the automotive industry is both resource-efficient and climate-smart,” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO of BatteryLoop. “Reusing and innovative solutions are crucial to succeeding with the electrification of society and reaching the target climate goals.”

Grid-stabilizing function

The system can create local value by, for instance, cutting power peaks, boosting charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and storing energy from solar power. Renewable energy from the sun and wind has no grid-stabilizing function.

Energy storage can support stability and thus enable more renewable energy in the grid without deteriorating the electricity grid’s stability. An energy storage system can contribute to a more sustainable district by supporting society’s increased power and energy problems.

40 MWh of EV batteries

In 2022, BatteryLoop received three orders for its BLESS III storage system, each with 2.8 megawatts, to be installed in Sweden. The company signed a framework agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy in April of this year.

This gives the Swedish company access to 40 MWh within 18 months. BatteryLoop received another order in January 2023 from the Swedish real estate company Stena Fastigheter for six units of the BLESS storage system. Also composed of used EV batteries, the units have a capacity of 295 kWh each and will be delivered to Gothenburg, Malmö, and Stockholm.




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