MAN launches its 800 km-range eTGX and eTGS trucks

MAN Truck & Bus has made its long-distance eTGX and distribution eTGS electric trucks available for sale, with the first units scheduled for delivery in 2024. Both models feature a modular battery pack, megawatt charging, and an 800 km range.

Back in 2021, MAN started the development of its electric future with the eMobility Center in Munich, where preparations were made for mixed production of diesel and electric trucks, and around 4 000 employees have been trained for the switch to electric mobility. Now, the first fruits of this labor have become available to the public in the shape of the eTGX and eTGS electric trucks.

The modular battery pack of the MAN eTGX and eTGS leaves the choice of more range or more payload, up to 2,4 tons /MAN Truck & Bus

More range or more payload

Although the eTGX is a long-distance hauler and the eTGS is meant for distribution work, both models share their drivetrain architecture. They can, therefore, be equipped with the same battery and electric motor options.

MAN uses a designed modular battery system with three to six 80 kWh NMC packs. Customers can choose between more range or payload, with a difference of 2,4 tons between the smallest and largest pack.

The promised range is up to 800 km, even with the eTGX, although competitors like Daimler Truck (Mercedes eActros 600) and Tesla (Semi) need much more capacity for similar or less range.

The MAN eTGS distribution truck features the same powertrain and battery options as its long-range brother eTGX /MAN Truck & Bus

Megawatt charging

In terms of motors, customers can choose between 333 hp, 449 hp, or 544 hp units with 2- or 4-speed transmissions. Charging options include the CCS standard (up to 375 kW) and an optional Megawatt Charging System (MCS) connector with 750 kW or charging power. Over one megawatt will be possible later.

Inside, drivers can rely on familiar surroundings compared to the TGX and TGS diesel models, with the addition of one-pedal driving, which uses the motor’s regenerative function. A digital instrument cluster provides info on the charge level and energy consumption.

Mass production in 2025

The first 200 units of the electric MAN eTGX and eTGS are scheduled for 2024, but mass production of the battery packs (and, therefore, the trucks) will only start from 2025 in MAN’s Nuremberg plant.

MAN wants to achieve a 50% e-truck market share by 2030. Still, the company warns this will not be possible without the necessary charging infrastructure, for which it has established a joint venture with Daimler Truck and the Volvo Group to set up over 1 700 charging points across Europe.


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