Febiac to organize ‘Automotive eMotion Summit’

The Belgian car and two-wheeler federation Febiac will organize a new event in February 2024 to spotlight the Belgian car sector. This ‘Automotive eMotion Summit’ wants to “shape car policies and fleet innovations”, says the press release.

A few months ago, Febiac decided not to organize a Brussels Motor Show in January 2024. “When we took the decision, our board asked us to work on a new event that would put the Belgian car sector in the spotlights for our most important stakeholders like professional clients, the media, but also the political decision-makers,” says Febiac MD Andreas Cremer.

Between 20 and 22 February 2024, the event will take place in the renovated Skyhall at Brussels Airport and will focus on the evolutions in the sector and the technological progress. “Great attention will be given to the B2B market, company cars, mobility services, and the role they play in our country, today and in the future,” Febiac communicates.


In its press release, Febiac insists on the importance of B2G or ‘business to government’. “2024 will be a crucial year for Belgian policies (European presidency, elections in June and October), and this will have its consequences for the policies drawn in the years to come,” says Kris Gysels, Febiac’s Director of Public Affairs.

“It’s indispensable that we promote our technology, products, and services and invite decision-makers to debate on how to go to a more sustainable mobility,” he adds.

“Our concept is in its final stage,” says Michel Martens, Director of Febiac’s Knowledge Center. “It is the result of an extensive survey among our members. Many of them want to continue using the momentum of the year’s beginning to present their products, technologies, and services. That’s what the Automotive eMotion Summit wants to do.”

Three days

The event will open on the 20th of February in the Skyhall of Brussels Airport with a keynote day and presentations and debates on a ‘Future-proof Automotive Industry”.

As of Wednesday, the 21st, the exhibitors will invite professional clients, fleet managers, representatives of small and medium businesses, and other players in the B2B world. “We will soon give more details on the continuing of the event and the identity of the partners involved,” concludes Febiac head of Communications Christophe Dubon.


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