Honda presents first electric mountain bike concept

Japanese car manufacturer Honda recently presented its first electric bicycle concept, the Honda eMTB Concept, at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. The mountain bike has a fairly realistic design and could possibly reach production in the short term.

Debuting the eMTB concept bike at the Japanese Mobility Show is a big step for Honda, which historically hasn’t done anything in this segment before. Using existing e-bike components from other manufacturers, Honda could focus more on the bike’s overall appearance and structural design.

Leaving the bike parts to the companies already producing them for decades.  The eMTB Concept would, for instance, use an existing Brose mid-drive motor, Fox suspensions in the front and rear, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

No detailed information yet

The Honda bike reportedly has a unique portable battery charger, which could be an interesting add-on accessory if the concept becomes commercially available. The bike announcement didn’t provide more specific information about range, weight, or market launch. Honda only pointed to the presence of “thin-wall aluminum casting technology”.

For Honda, the main goal was to combine motorcycle and bicycle experiences in a single product that could handle mountainous terrain. As the company explains: “This bike offers a new riding experience that combines the fun of motorcycles and mountain bikes. It is being developed to enable anyone to enjoy riding mountainous trails more freely.”


Honda is far from the first automaker or motorcycle manufacturer to explore electric bicycles as a potential avenue for brand expansion. Other car brands that have taken that step are Porsche, BMW, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Hummer, and Jeep, among others.  As the e-bike market grows, more automakers see it as a lucrative way to expand their market and bring more people into their transportation ecosystem.


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