Belgian start-up to equip Aldi supermarkets with innovative chargers

German discounter Aldi plans to install charging infrastructure for electric cars on its shopping sites in Belgium. By the end of 2024, the supermarket chain’s 440 stores will have charging points – both slow (11 to 22 kW) and fast chargers (60 to 120 kW).

Aldi will, therefore, join forces with the Belgian start-up Pluon, a manufacturer of charging stations from Dilsen-Stokkem. Pluon has developed an easy-to-replace charging station made from sustainable materials.

Unique concept

It’s a modular charging point with a fixed part and an innovative interchangeable head that can be quickly replaced. It is a unique concept for which the Limburg start-up was patented last week.

More and more retailers offer customers the possibility to charge their electric vehicles while shopping. Discounter Lidl was one of the first chains to offer its customers this option. In the meantime, Delhaize and Colruyt subsidiary DATS24 have announced the rollout of charging points.


The initiative is a win-win situation for all, Jochen De Smet of EV Belgium, the federation for electric mobility in our country, told Belga. Supermarkets will use their parking lots more effectively, while those who drive electric will find more options for charging.

And even though cars are mainly charged at home or work (80%), charging points at supermarkets are a good addition. “With the expectation that half of the newly registered cars will be electric next year, we will need them,” De Smet concludes.


According to EV Belgium, the supply of charging points is increasing rapidly, and this will have a favorable effect on charging prices in the long term. Aldi is one of Pluon’s first major customers. Today, the company has 20 employees. The start-up services Belgian and Dutch customers but also has international ambitions.


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