Polestar chooses SK’s ‘ultra-long’ battery cells for its flagship

Swedish-Chinese EV manufacturer Polestar has signed an agreement with South Korean battery manufacturer SK On to supply battery packs for the upcoming Polestar 5 flagship model. The four-door GT is set to launch in 2025 with SK On’s ‘ultra-long’ nickel-based battery cells.

The Polestar 5 is the upcoming Porsche Taycan rival from Geely and Volvo’s love child, with a sleek design and a high-performance powertrain boasting up to 884 hp and 900 Nm. It’s the production version of the Precept concept car, and it’s based on the same SEA platform as the Polestar 4 cross-over SUV.

800 volts?

Now, Polestar has revealed the battery supplier for its flagship model: SK On, a South Korean manufacturer, which was founded in 2021 after splitting from SK Innovation. SK On has developed “high-nickel battery cell modules” made up from “ultra-long 56 cm cells with high energy density”.

No further details on the battery pack have been given, and Polestar is yet to confirm a targeted range for the four-door model. Rumors suggest the Polestar 5 will feature an 800-volt battery pack to match the Taycan’s fast-charging capabilities, but again no confirmation on that. The model will launch in 2025, a year later than previously promised.

Another EV manufacturer for SK On

SK On is hoping this collaboration will lead to further joint projects, with Jee Dong-seob, CEO of SK On, being quoted as saying: “We will solidify our partnership with Polestar and create new opportunities through this agreement.”

SK On previously made headlines with two US battery factory projects: one with Ford, which will receive a historic $9.2 billion loan, while the company is also collaborating with compatriot Hyundai for a battery plant in Georgia, with an annual capacity of 35 MWh.


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