Exlantix, another new Chinese brand on Belux market

Chinese car manufacturer Chery is launching one of its electric brands in Europe starting in late 2024. The two Exlantix models, a sedan (ES) and an SUV (ET) were already presented at the Geneva Motor Show a while ago.

At the moment, the Exlantix models are still under the Exeed brand. Exeed is a high-end brand in the Chery group. It was launched in 2017 at the Frankfurt exhibition. At the moment, Exeed sells gasoline-powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles in China.

Recently, Exeed founded a new car series called Exlantix. Its domestic name in China is Sterra. This branch comprises what the Chinese call NEVs or new energy vehicles. In 2026, Exeed plans to launch six Exlantix models, turning it into an independent brand.

This independence will already be a fact in Europe as of next year. Exlantix will be launched in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, and probably other EU countries. They will be imported outside Europe into Mexico, Kazakhstan, and the Middle East. Apart from Exlantix, Chery International will also introduce two other brands in its portfolio in Europe, Omoda and Jaecoo.

‘Designed by the wind’

Derek Du, Head of Benelux at Chery International, is very proud and enthusiastic about the philosophy of the new cars. “The ES, in particular, has a revolutionary design concept, named ‘designed by the wind’. It combines an aerodynamic form and flowing elegant lines. The drag coefficient of this ES is a rather stunning 0,21. That’s good for efficiency but also creates a quiet car.”

De Exlantix ES (here the Chinese Exeed version) boasts a very aerodynamic body shape /Exlantix

Apart from this, the press release is not very specific yet about the models and versions that will come to Europe, except that both models will have a sophisticated aluminum chassis layout and air suspension. The high-end AWD versions will have a range (WLTP standard) of 530 (ES) and 475 (ET) kilometers.

For more info, we looked at the CarNewsChina website and discovered that the Exlantix ET stands on the E0X platform from Chery, which also underpins the Luxeed S7 and Exlantix ES (Sterra ES in China).

The ES and ET support both BEV and extended-range EREV powertrains. Their main features are air suspension and 800 V high-voltage architecture. Exlantix vehicles also adopt Shengxing, M3P, and Qilin batteries from CATL.

Big and fast

In China, the Exeed Exlantix ET has four powertrain options; it is unknown if all the versions will come to Europe yet. The entry-level trim has a single electric motor on the rear axle. Its power output reaches 185 kW/252 hp. The LFP battery from FinDreams (a BYD subsidiary) powers this e-motor. This ET’s top speed is limited to 190 kph.

In China, the Exlantix ET is called Sterra ET under the Exeed flag /Exlantix

The second trim level has a more powerful 230 kW/313 hp electric motor. Its peak speed reaches 200 kph. This version adopts the M3P (LFP+NMC) battery from CATL.

The third trim level of this SUV has two e-motors for 353 kW (123 kW in front and 230 kW at the rear) or 480 hp. Its top speed is limited to 210 kph. As for the battery, it is the M3P pack from CATL.

And the top-trim Exlantix ET has two e-motors for 413 kW (183 + 230) or 561 hp. They are powered by the Qilin ternary (NMC) battery from CATL. The latter also accelerates in less than seconds to 100 kph, and thanks to their 800 V system, they can charge 50% of their battery capacity in 15 minutes.

Prices are not known yet, but when one looks at the specifications and the size of the cars (around 5 min length), they will be competing in the higher end of the EV market.



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