China’s newest four-door, four-seat electric hypercar: HiPhi A

The premium electric car brand HiPhi from Chinese manufacturer Human Horizons has unveiled the HiPhi A, a 960 kW/1 287 hp four-door, four-seat electric hypercar. However, it will take some time from the premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show to the start of production.

According to the press release, the HiPhi A should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just over two seconds and reach a top speed of almost 300 kph. It is the first vehicle with the motor and battery technology developed by HiPhi itself. HiPhi relies on an 800-volt platform with three motors – one at the front and two at the rear.

The rotors of the electric motors are made of carbon fiber composite material and can reach up to 22 000 revolutions per minute. With direct cooling of the coils, the drive should maintain an extremely high-performance level for over 30 minutes. The motors are also very light and compact.

In the HiPhi A, parts of the battery housing, such as the base and housing cover, are also made of carbon.


Although the vehicle shares the unusual and angular design of the HiPhi X and Y, it was created as part of a cooperation with Wesail New Energy Automotive, according to HiPhi. HiPhi supplies the specially developed drive components, while Wesail is to contribute “hypercar elements”. ShanghaiTech University was also involved in the development.

The brand will reveal more details about the HiPhi A in the coming months. The premiere of the show car is scheduled for Friday, the 17th of November, at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The electric hypercar will be produced in limited numbers from the first quarter of 2025.


Meanwhile, the brand and its mother company are already targeting Europe. Human Horizon’s flagships, HiPhi X and Z, are now available in Norway and Germany. With prices above €100 000, these are not your average budget cars, and they’re bluntly targeting the heart of Europe’s premium car market, armed with luxury and high-tech.

Human Horizon’s intentions are clear: to target “younger, more affluent, and much more open-minded consumers who haven’t developed an allegiance to a brand like Mercedes or Porsche,” as its CTO and former Ford and JLR-man Mark Stanton stated earlier.

The HiPhi Z with its ‘suicide doors’ at the rear is already on the European market /HiPhi


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