First Nightjet train from Berlin arrives in Brussels

After a break of almost a decade, the long-awaited night train connection between Brussels and Berlin is finally operational again. The first trip of the Nightjet train departed on Monday evening in Berlin and was waved goodbye by German Transport Minister Volker Wissing and the boss of Deutsche Bahn Richard Lutz. The journey took 13 hours and 38 minutes, and the arrival time in Brussels South on Tuesday morning was just before ten o’clock.

Initially, the train will run three times a week, but the intention is to run daily starting in October next year. Half of the night train heads toward Brussels, the other half toward Paris. The connection is operated by Deutsche Bahn, the Austrian railway company ÖBB, the French railway company SNCF, and Belgian NMBS/SNCB.

More ecological, less polluting

The Nightjet is not the first night train between Brussels and Berlin. A night train has been running between the two capitals since the end of May, operated by the Dutch-Belgian railway company European Sleeper.

Night trains are increasingly popular in Europe, which is good news for travel and train enthusiasts. Trains are more ecological and less polluting. They’re also practical and advantageous since you save precious time and avoid hotel costs.


Night trains are a perfect alternative for short-haul flights. Many travelers suffer from ‘flygskam’ – they’re ashamed to fly because they worry about the impact of their travel on the climate and the high CO2 emissions from the airline sector.


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