Decathlon’s 14 kg ultra-light electric race bike offers 100 km range

E-bikes tend to weigh a lot – at least 22 to 25 kg on average – mainly due to their battery and motor, but this can be improved, as the French sports chain proves with its new electric road race bicycle, the Van Rysel E-EDR AF. This one, offered at €2 800, weighs only 14 kg with its built-in battery promising a range of 100 km, which can be extended to more than 160 km with an optional extender.

‘AF’ in the bike’s nomenclature stands for ‘aluminum frame’, and the fork is 100% carbon. The magic comes from the integrated Mahle X35 system from the German automotive parts manufacturer’s Spanish daughter, Mahle SmartBike Systems, headquartered in Palencia.

Integrated into tube

This X35 system is composed of a rear hub motor offering up to 40 Nm of almost drag-free support and an output of 250 watts, the maximum allowed in the EU for bicycles without a license plate and limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/hour.

The fixed 250 Wh battery fits into the front tube and can be charged fully with a plug directly on the frame in about four to five hours. The whole system adds only 3,5 kg of weight to the bike, compared to 6 kilograms of a popular Bosch Performance CX. But that one offers up to 85 Nm of torque and a 500 Wh battery.

BC900 bicycle computer

To monitor the state of the Mahle system, the bike has an iWoc One integrated into the top tube, allowing the rider to toggle between the different support levels. The colors of the LED ring indicate the support intensity, battery level, and if a Bluetooth connection is established.

That can be used if you want to couple your smartphone with the Mahle app or to use another cycling GPS computer other than Decathlon’s BC900 that is mounted. This one gives information on which of the three support modus is used, outside temperature, kilometers driven, and the radius of action remaining. Decathlon’s Connect app can be coupled via ANT+ and Bluetooth for detailed ride history information.

Range extender

As a shifting gear, a single-ring 12-speed SRAM APEX X1 is mounted, with electronic shifting and no visible cables needed. The bike gets 160 mm SRAM hydraulic brake discs in the front and rear and 19C Van Rysel wheels, with 32 mm tires.

Equipped like this, Decathlon promises you to offer a range of 100 km, providing flat roads without too much wind or at least 45 km when things get hilly up to 8° and at the maximum support level. But you can get an extra 50 to 70 km by adding an optional 171 Wh range extender, a spare battery that fits on your bike like a drinking bottle. The penalty is an extra 1,1 kg to drag with you.


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