69% fewer used motorbikes registrations in December 2023

The new motorcycle market has recovered well in 2023, with an increase of +2,7%, resulting in 25 359 registered over the entire year, a positive result that partly can be attributed to the delivery of previously ordered in 2022.

According to Mobility Federation Traxio, the second-hand market, on the other hand, suffered a historic decline in December. Last month, 69,2% fewer used motorcycles were registered than last year, causing the monthly volume to fall from 7 235 to 2 228 units.

A side note here is that last year, in December, many more second-hand motorcycles were registered than usual because many motorcyclists quickly registered a used motorcycle before the motorcycle inspection came into effect.

Over the entire year, the loss amounts to just under 25 000 vehicles (-30,5%). Therefore, the loss on the second-hand market is approximately as many motorcycles as the total number of registrations of new motorcycles (31,3%).

Technical inspection

Technical inspections for second-hand engines continue to negatively impact registrations because many engines are exported abroad and disappear from the market. Belgian motorcyclists who want to sell their vehicles often prefer selling abroad or to foreign buyers to avoid the mandatory inspection. In the long term, the measure could seriously affect the sector.

Flanders is the largest second-hand market (60%) for 2023, but still lost 26,8%. In Wallonia, the loss was 34,4%. Wallonia has declined between 33% and 40% in all provinces; on the Flemish side, we see losses between 27 and 29%, except in Antwerp, where losses remain ‘limited’ to just under 24%.

It is striking that even the lightest class is starting to score worse and worse, which is essential because among second-hand motorcycles, the category of <125cc represents one-third of the market.

Remaining popular

Still, motorcycles remain popular and increasingly claim their place as alternative transport to avoid traffic jams. They’re useful for commuting and can be seamlessly linked to leisure, weekend trips, and holidays.

The new motorcycle market experienced many ups and downs in the past year. After the ‘down’ in November, a new dip followed in December. Last month, ‘only’ 617 new motorcycles were registered, a decrease of 31,3% (-281 units) compared to last year.

Many owners postponed the registration of their new bikes until January 2024 due to commercial promotions, such as an extended warranty period. The persistent lousy weather also affected sales.

Flanders’ motorcycle market is growing by 5% and remains the largest region, with 57,6% of the total sales of new motorcycles in Belgium. Wallonia accounts for 35,4% (+5,7%), and Brussels drops by 1,2%. The most popular brands of newly bought vehicles were Honda (3 993 units sold), BMW (3 366), Yamaha (2 904), Kawasaki (2 042), and Piaggio (1 628).





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