Nikola rounds off 2023 with 35 hydrogen trucks delivered to customers

Nikola Motor’s 2023 has been tumultuous, to say the least. But the American zero-emission semi-truck manufacturer has closed out the year with its first hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks being delivered to customers. The outlook for 2024 should follow soon.

Nikola’s 2023 year in review was not an easy one. The troubles started (or continued, as the previous years were also not easy on the manufacturer) in May, when the partnership with Iveco dissolved, although the S-Way could still be used as a foundation for the Nikola Tre electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Light at the end of the tunnel

In August, Nikola had to recall all of its battery-electric trucks produced to date after two fire incidents, followed shortly by the resignation of its third CEO in a row when Michael Lohscheller decided to return to Europe “for family reasons”.

But by the end of September, some light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Nikola celebrated the commercial launch of its hydrogen fuel cell truck after kicking off production on July 31. And now, the company announces it has produced 42 FCEV trucks in total, of which 35 were delivered to customers in the US and Canada. The rest of the trucks are being used for field testing, validation, and training duties.

Nikola also supplies its customers with the HYLA hydrogen refueling ecosystem, with 50 hydrogen stations promised for the US in the next five years. For now, mobile fueling units on semi-truck trailers are used / Nikola

2023 financial results and 2024 outlook coming soon

To recall, Nikola promises a 500-mile (800 km) range and a refueling time of as low as 20 minutes for its hydrogen fuel cell truck. It is assembled in Coolidge, Arizona, a factory with an annual production capacity of 2 400 trucks that also produces its battery-electric truck, which has a 330-mile range (530 km).

Back in October, Nikola announced it had 223 non-binding orders for its hydrogen model. It is unclear if that number has increased since then. The 2023 financial results and 2024 outlook will be released in the coming weeks, giving more clarity.


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