Chinese Yanfeng shows EV’s Smart Seat of the future

Yanfeng, a Shanghai-based multinational automotive supplier specializing in interior components, has presented its vision of the EV interior of the future at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The Smart Cabin Seat integrates most controls, entertainment, safety systems, and even climate control directly into the seat.

Yanfeng claims this Smart Cabin Seat results from multiple studies on EV interiors and what owners and enthusiasts expect from an electric vehicle’s cabin. The main criteria that came out of these studies are more tech and seamless experiences that provide something different from what they are used to from a traditional ICE vehicle.

Everything built-in

The proposed Smart Cabin Seat integrates everything a passenger would need directly into the seat, eliminating the need for a traditional instrument panel and creating more space and a different arrangement. The seats have an active headrest with integrated audio, displays, a floor console with charging ports, and even their own air conditioning.

This would reshape the car’s interior into more of a lounge setting now that there’s no need for a traditional driver’s seat and cockpit, with car control coming from a steer-by-wire input system.

Easier for the OEMs

But Yanfeng wouldn’t be a successful supplier if it didn’t also think of its customers, the automotive OEMs (including GM and Stellantis). With all critical components integrated into the seat, installation becomes more accessible for the OEMs, saving time and money on each vehicle produced. This also allows for a more straightforward interior design.

As this is more proof-of-concept, no concrete production plans have yet been announced. It remains to be seen if the auto industry is actually asking for next-generation seats…


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