BYD’s YangWang U7 sedan another German premium challenger

Chinese BYD (Build Your Dreams) just unveiled on Weibo ‘out of the blue’ the new super sedan under its premium YangWang brand name, the U7, which is yet another challenger for German premium brands like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW. Previously, only some European patent images of the sedan appeared, identified as ‘U6’.

But apart from the first pictures, the fact that it will have a +1 000 horsepower electric drivetrain and a price tag above one million yuan (€127 000), little is known yet of the arsenal it will get to take on the competition in the sports luxury sedan market. However, the platform it’s built on holds some extraordinary features.

Offroad SUV and hyper-sportscar

BYD launched the YangWang brand in January 2023, introducing the luxury off-road SUV called U8, which went on sale in September, and a 960 kW  (1 305 hp) supercar, the U9, which has no official release date yet. Both are based on a new e⁴ technology platform, the entire model lineup of the premium brand will use.

That platform features four electric motors (a power output of 220 kW-240 kW in the U9) and is ‘all by wire’, with integrated steering and braking. The U9, for instance, has a ‘limited’ top speed of 300 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. It uses a 100 kWh LFP battery pack from BTD’s daughter FinDreams for an average 700 km range (CLTC) without undeniably using the full power potential.

The U9 is YangWang’s 1 300 hp hyper-sport car, but no release date has been set yet /BYD

Braking without brakes

The quad motor independent vector control technology of the e⁴ platform features maximum motor speeds of 20 500 rpm. It allows the U9 to drive on three wheels after a tire blowout, by adjusting the torque of the remaining three wheels at a rate of 1 000 times per second. Even when the brakes and steering fail, the system can bring the car to a safe standstill from 100 km/h in 40 meters aside from the road.

The ‘hardcore off-road’ SUV YangWang U8 was delivered first in November 2023 at 1 098 000 yuan (€139 835), and some 2 000 of them were already sold, according to Chinese media. This one uses the e⁴ platform to generate a combined output of 880 kW (1197 horsepower).

Floating in deep water

One of the particularities of this platform is that the SUV, with its four-wheel drive system, can do a complete 360° circle in the sand like a tank on caterpillar tracks. Another amazing feature is that its core components have IP68-rated protection, which enables the U8 off-roader to float in an emergency when it accidentally gets into too deep water.

The YangWang U8 offroad SUV is currently the only one on sale yet and is positioned to have Range Rover regard it with envy /BYD

The car automatically shuts off all ventilation openings, closes the windows and opens the sunroof as an escape route while keeping afloat with minimum water ingress in the interior for at least 30 minutes. With the suspension extracting to its limit, the four spinning wheels can move the floating vehicle back to shore at 3 km/h.

Most aerodynamic sedan ever

The new U7 sedan is likewise using the e⁴ platform, although it is not said it will be able to ‘swim’ likely. It will presumably be another ‘extended range electric vehicle’ (EREV), although BYD hasn’t released technical specs yet about exact power trains or batteries and ranges. Like the SUV and the supercar, the U7 will have all ‘by wire’ steering and braking.

What’s known is that it will have – among production cars – a world-record aerodynamic body with a 0.195 Cd coefficient, at least for the time being. That title was once reserved for the Mercedes EQS when first launched, with a 0.20 Cd value, but Geely claimed that the Galaxy E8 sedan unveiled in December has the lowest drag coefficient at 0.199 Cd.







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