Honda starts from scratch with 0-Series electric concepts

Honda has decided to start again from a blank sheet of paper for its next-generation electric vehicles. The 0-Series concept cars, the Saloon and Space-Hub, represent this new approach with a light and nimble design to bring back the joy of driving in the EV era. We should be able to discover the results in 2026.

Honda presented this fresh approach at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, where it showed two very sleek concept cars: the Saloon and the Space-Hub, which are part of the 0-Series of the Japanese manufacturer. This represents the new approach, creating new EVs from zero and also going back to the roots of Honda with the M/M concept (Man Maximum, Machine Minimum).

The Honda 0 Series Saloon has a very low profile and promises to bring back driving pleasure to EVs / Honda

Keep it small and light

This means that Honda is sick of the bulk of modern EVs, necessitated by the ever-growing battery packs to ensure enough range. The 0-Series aims for a thin platform to reduce vehicle height and improve aero and driving dynamics. At the same time, high energy efficiency should allow for a smaller, high-density battery pack to ensure adequate range.

Sleek Saloon

The Honda Saloon concept car is made to represent the “ultimate joy of driving in the EV era” while still offering a lot of space in a low, sleek body shape. It features a minimalistic driver interface that should allow for intuitive operation and precise vehicle control, while Honda aims to use sustainable interior and exterior materials.

The Honda 0 Series Space-Hub offers a flexible interior to make life easier / Honda

Roomy Space-Hub

On the other hand, the Space-Hub is made to make life easier thanks to a flexible cabin space and large glass surfaces to improve visibility. It’s also a “hub that connects people to people and people to society, generating mutual resonance with each other,” although we’re not quite sure what that means yet.

The Honda 0 Series Space-Hub’s interior / Honda

New Honda logo

More practically, Honda promises the first production model of the 0-Series in 2026, with the North American market being served first. To mark this small revolution, Honda has also designed a new, pared-back logo for these models. It replaces the current ‘H mark’, which has been in use since 1981.


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