Record number of drivers fined in Brussels LEZ

Last year, the Brussels region fined a record number of motorists who entered the Brussels low-emission zone (LEZ) with a car that was too polluting. Almost 30 000 drivers – 29 643 to be precise – were fined, an increase of almost 60% compared to 2022. In 2020, 12 321 fines were issued; in 2021, this amounted to 16 642 fines.

An explanation for the sharp increase in the number of fines is the tightening of the measures. On January 1st, 2022, the LEZ rules were tightened: diesel vehicles with Euro standard 4 (or lower) were no longer allowed in the zone. Gasoline cars with a Euro standard 1 (or lower) were also no longer welcome. Anyone who drives into the zone with a car that is too polluting will receive a fine of 350 euros.

Next tightening of rules

The next important tightening of the Brussels LEZ is planned for January 1st, 2025. From then on, diesel vehicles with Euro standard 5 and gasoline vehicles with Euro standard 2 will be banned from the region. From 2025, motorcycles and trucks will also be included in the scheme.

In Antwerp last year, twice as many cars with French license plates were fined (as vehicles with Belgian license plates) for entering the Antwerp low-emission zone with a too-polluting vehicle. From February to November, 29 103 fines were sent to France.

In the same period, 12 372 Belgians received a fine for the same offense. French vehicles were also fined most often in the Antwerp LEZ in 2022. On the other hand, vehicles with a Dutch license plate were ticketed 5 769 times.


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