AC Future shows eTH, an RV that turns into a home, at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, California-based AC Future presented the ETH, a fully electric RV concept designed by Pininfarina with expandable walls that convert it into a luxurious living area and a mobile workspace.

The AC Future eTH stands for ‘Electric Transformer House’, which is a great way to describe the essence of this EV. The boxy exterior is neat and modern, with slim LEDs and a bus-like greenhouse.

“Designed to deliver unmatched EV experiences and living accommodations to the evolving needs of a population seeking more expressive, functional, and eco-conscious mobile lifestyles,” claims the manufacturer.

Moveable walls

The highlight, though, is the moveable side and rear walls that extend outwards, enabling the interior to grow up to some 37 m² of living space. It can serve either as a second home for adventurous families or as a mobile office for modern digital nomads.

The interior looks modern and luxurious, with a cozy living room, kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom benefiting from collapsible and modular furniture. It can sleep four. Furthermore, the dashboard can convert into a workspace thanks to the retractable steering wheel and the rotating seats.

The eTH can be transformed into a small living platform, while the driving cockpit can change into a comfortable working space /AC Future


The design team put a lot of emphasis on ‘sustainable living’. The retractable solar panels on the roof can generate 25 kWh of green energy, allowing the EV to stay off the grid for up to 7 days, with the help of a substantial battery pack. At the same time, the ‘Atmospheric Water Generator’ system collects the moisture in the air, resulting in a daily supply of up to 50 liters of clean water.

The EV is equipped with Starlink, which means that occupants will have internet access pretty much everywhere in the world for work and entertainment purposes. According to the press release, it also features ‘cutting-edge’ driver assistance systems for when it is on the move.

The eTH is about 6 m long, 3,3 m high, and has a 3,6 m wheelbase. The gross vehicle weight is some 8,6 tons. Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal the real specifications of the fully electric powertrain. According to the website, ICE versions are also feasible, and the team is now working on a trailer with similar possibilities.

“More than just an RV, we offer a sustainable living platform,” says the press release. “AC Future Trailers and AC Future Infinity Houses cater to individuals and families seeking short-distance adventures and highly customized additional spaces to complement their primary residence.”

A timeline on the website schedules production for the middle of 2025 and a trailer variant for the end of next year.



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