Ligier Benelux to import electric bike trailers K-Ryole

The French micro-mobility specialist Ligier will import K-Ryole’s electric transport solutions to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The purpose is to offer even more zero-emission micro-mobility solutions for building and logistics.

K-Ryole is a French manufacturer of innovative, electrically supported bike trailers and trolleys, especially suited for last-mile delivery. The bike trailers are mainly used as an alternative to vans; the trolleys are used for building and construction.

Two different types of vehicles

Ligier starts to import two different kinds of vehicles in the Benelux. On the one hand, the adaptable and watertight bike trailers for last-mile delivery, and on the other hand, the Kross Builder, an electric trolley to transport materials.

The Kross Builder is a modular trolley with removable side panels for use indoors and outdoors. With its compact dimensions and studded tires, it’s designed to transport its load everywhere on a building site without the considerable effort of its ‘driver’.

There’s no special license needed to manipulate a Kross Builder /K-Ryole

The bike trailer permits the move and delivery of large parcels without much effort in suburban areas or inner cities. The trailer can differ according to the use; there’s also a cool/freeze version to transport and deliver victuals or meals.

Ligier Professional

Ligier is known by most for its microcars, but the Ligier Professional department also offers some other vehicles. “With Ligier Professional, we offer complete three- or four-wheelers for professional use, and K-Ryole is a perfect complement to this,” says Bart Seelen of Ligier.

“K-Ryole is well-known in France and is used by many supermarket chains and the French post company. Their vehicles largely contribute to a safer and healthier working and living environment.”

Ligier will offer K-Ryole’s micro-mobility solutions in its entire dealer network in the Benelux starting in February 2024.


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