Renault grows again

After four years of decline, the sales of Renault group are going upwards again (+9%). In 2023, the group sold 2 235 000 vehicles worldwide. Sales to individual buyers represent 65% of total sales in the five most important European markets.

In a press release on Wednesday, the Group says to be “in a dynamic of success with three brands registering impressive growth rates”. The press release also indicates that the group has climbed to third place for European car manufacturers.

For 2024, Renault expects the European and Latin markets to be stable, while Eurasia is expected to decline by 11%. In 2018, Renault Group still sold 3,88 million vehicles, but that was before the pandemic and the big restructuration


The Renault brand is proud to be “the best-selling French brand in the world”. It increased its sales by 9,4% to 1 548 748 cars in 2023, while in 2022, there was a decrease of -14,6%. In Europe, the Renault brand grew by 19,3%.

Renault brand CEO Fabrice Cambolive sees the sales success as the result of good figures for the new Renault Austral and Espace and also the fully electric Megane E-Tech, which represents 2,2% of all European electric sales, “a remarkable feat,” according to the boss. Furthermore, Renault is also very happy about the success of its E-Tech hybrid variants available in many models.

He’s particularly happy looking forward to six new vehicles entering the market in 2024, featuring as the big stars the new fully electric Scenic and R5, the latter being the favored car of its boss, Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo. Other cars are the Rafale, a new Master van, and the Kardian and another model outside Europe.

“Our aim is to continue on this same level and to improve it with further electrification of the brand,” Cambolive added. Renault wants to have a fully electric portfolio by 2030. Since the demise and the departure of Carlos Ghosn, Renault has completely changed its strategy and wants to make more money on fewer cars.


The low-cost daughter Dacia is even doing better. It has increased its sales by 14,7% to 658 321 vehicles in 2023. “This dynamic pace is the result of a new, strong brand identity with 4 all-important models in the offering: Sandero, Duster, Jogger, and Spring), all in significant progress compared to 2022,” says the press release.

Three new models will be launched in 2024: the totally revised Duster in March and the new electric Spring before the summer, while the entirely new Bigster ( a bigger SUV) will be presented at the end of the year.

The new Dacia Duster comes in March, also with a hybrid variant /Dacia


The biggest grower (in percentage) is the sports brand Alpine, with sales grwoing by 22,1% to 4 328 vehicles (all A110, of course, the only existing model for the moment). Strong sales performances were registered in Germany (+34%), Belgium (+32%), and France (+26%).

2024 will mark the turn to electrification for Alpine. The sporty city car Alpine A290 will be launched, a sporty derivative of the new electric Renault R5. The car is supposed to (at least) more than double the Alpine sales in the future.

The new all-electric Alpine A290 is the ‘racing’ version of Renault’s all-important new electric R5 city car /Alpine





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