Valorauto recycling solution open to private owners

Starting in January 2024, Valorauto, a joint venture between Stellantis and recycling specialist Galloo, will expand its end-of-life vehicle recycling service to private owners.

This service offers a free and responsible solution to the end-of-life management of vehicles weighing under 3,5 tons, for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), regardless of the brand or engine type (combustion and electric), and for vehicles without driving licenses.

Valorauto offers a complete package solution that includes collecting and dismantling vehicles, supporting the enhancement of the reuse offer of original used automotive parts, and growth in the recovery of recycling materials.

In France, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Since November 2023, the company has taken a significant step by opening this service up to private owners and offering it to professionals. This will reduce the environmental impact of end-of-life vehicles and meet the OEM’s requirements regarding Extended Producer Responsibility.

Valorauto wants to be an effective and reliable service in accordance with the new French regulation that requires manufacturers to offer solutions for managing their products’ end-of-life.

Stellantis intends to set up its Individual System with Valorauto as its Service Provider. The Valorauto service will be offered to private owners in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The user experience

Private vehicle owners register on the website and fill out the information form. Then, they receive a competitive offer for the takeback of their vehicle.

They can then choose between dropping off their vehicle at one of the existing 300 Authorized Treatment Facilities partners, distributed across the territory, or having it collected for free at the owner’s place, including French overseas. To increase the quality of the service, the network is planned to be densified to reach 800 sites by the end of 2024.

Valorauto manages all administrative paperwork documentation, including the delivery of the certificate of destruction of the vehicle to the last owner, the secure payment to the owner, the data confidentiality protection, and the end-of-life processing of the car by the most stringent standards.

All that while ensuring that the car is well depolluted before being processed by maximizing the reuse of parts and recycling of materials. Valorauto wants to offer a simple and secure end-of-life solution for vehicles, contributing to the fight against illegal networks and strengthening Stellantis’ and Galloo’s firm commitment to protecting the environment.

An alliance between Stellantis and Galloo

SUSTAINera VALORAUTO SAS, as it is wholly and officially named, is a joint venture created by car manufacturing group Stellantis and Galloo, the leader in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, based in Menen, West-Flanders, on the French border, to manage the collection and recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles.

Valorauto is the commercial service provided by the Joint Venture. It aims to offer both simplicity and safety, handling the entire process of end-of-life vehicles through a network of certified professionals and recycling more than 95% of their constituent materials. It is an efficient way to contribute to the circular economy in compliance with legislation and in a way that also benefits car owners.


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