MAN eTrucks nearly sold out for 2024 shortly after launch

After announcing its eTGX and eTGS long-haul electric trucks in November 2023, MAN has announced that the first model year has nearly sold out, with 700 orders placed in the first three months of sales. MAN claims a “daily range” of up to 800 km for its battery-electric models.

The first examples of MAN’s long-haul electric trucks will be built as part of a limited edition for the 2024 model year, which has now nearly sold out after the manufacturer received 700 orders and order requests since the trucks went on sale in November 2023.

Up to 800 km of “daily range”

The first trucks will be delivered in 2024, but large-scale production of the eTGS and eTGX models will start in 2025, alongside the diesel TGS and TGX models in Nuremberg, Germany. Most of the orders will be fulfilled when production ramps up.

The long-haul eTrucks feature a modular battery configuration with up to six 80 kWh battery packs, for a total of 480 kWh. Customers can choose between more range or more payload. The difference between the smallest and largest pack is 2,4 tons.

MAN claims up to 800 km of “daily range, ” which includes a charging stop during the driver’s mandatory rest time. The MAN eTrucks are compatible with megawatt charging (MCS), with 750 kW of capacity in the early stages and later over 1 MW.

Similar to diesel models

In terms of motors, customers can choose between 245 kW/333 hp, 330 kW/449 hp, or 400 kW/544 hp units with 2- or 4-speed transmissions. Inside, drivers can rely on familiar surroundings compared to the TGX and TGS diesel models, with the addition of one-pedal driving, which uses the motor’s regenerative function. A digital instrument cluster provides info on the charge level and energy consumption.

“We are delighted that the new MAN electric truck has been so well received by our customers right from the start. However, we urgently need the right public charging infrastructure so that CO2-neutral freight transport on the road can pick up speed and customers are not disillusioned by the initial euphoria”, adds Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, a sentiment frequently echoed by the ACEA.


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