Official photos of Jeep Wagoneer S leaked

Through the inadvertence of people working for the car manufacturer’s official web channels, ‘official’ pictures of the production version of the Wagoneer S EV already leaked long before Jeep was ready to show them to us.

Jeep had already teased its first-ever EV for the American market last week, but the short video only really showed the front end and a bunch of close-up details. The official launch of the car is foreseen for the end of this year.

These two leaked images spotted by a Mopar Insiders reader, on the other hand, prove just how close the production Wagoneer S looks to the concept Jeep showed back in 2022. The pictures also show how clearly it’s been influenced by its Range Rover-branded rivals, especially the Range Rover Velar.

The production model seems very close to the concept shown by Jeep back in 2022 /Jeep

Luxurious SUV

The pictures show a classy SUV with a confident and recognizable Jeep face (that the teaser video confirms is illuminated) and just the right amount of boxiness in the arches to remind us of Jeep’s serious off-road heritage without spoiling the luxury effect.

We can see flush door handles, a faintly Lexus look to how the high-set rear lights wrap around the tail and gloss black detailing on the rear lower bumper and fender trims.

The most eye-catching design element, however, is how the rear window slopes at a different angle to the D-pillars, creating a flying buttress effect and gobs of clean air beneath the rear window and the large U-shaped spoiler mounted above it.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the interior on this occasion, but if the exterior is anything to go by, it’s not going to disappoint.

Sporty enough

The performance shouldn’t be too disappointing, either. According to the first teaser info, the Wagoneer S, or at least the top versions of it, will have +600 hp and be capable of zero to 60 mph (96 kph) “in around 3,5 seconds. ”

That kind of acceleration performance and a +600 km range (thanks to a 118 kWh battery) is also courtesy of the new Stellantis STLA Large platform, of which the Wagoneer S will be the first beneficiary. The platform, just presented this week, will underpin at least 8 Stellantis models, also cars from European makes inside the group, like Alfa Romeo or Maserati.



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