Pics of BMW 5 Series Touring leaked

Organizing photoshoots for imminent car launches without giving away the looks becomes more complex every day. After the recent leak of the new Lancia Ypsilon pics, the website car scoops got pictures of the announced BMW 5 Series Touring, scheduled to follow its sedan brother this year into the market.

The Touring version of the car is expected roughly twelve months after the sedan. While it may not look as sleek as the sedan, it will be more practical and could prove popular in select markets. Recently, the first estates have been showing up in the EV market, and the i5 Touring will be one of them.

Electric version i5 Touring shown

These photos were shared on Instagram by wilcoblok, and while they show an i5 Touring, the ICE 5-Series Touring will look pretty much identical. The i5 in question is painted in an intriguing shade of green and appears to have been snapped during an official photoshoot. No photos showing the front of the car have yet surfaced.

A while ago, BMW released some teaser images when announcing the estate version of its new 5 Series /BMW

From the rear, we can see that the design of the i5 Touring matches up nicely with the teaser images published last year by BMW. Beyond the entire shape of the car’s rear end being revised compared to the sedan, we can see that the waistline curves upward toward the car’s rear and ends with the trademark Hofmeister kink. There are also a pair of gloss black roof rails.

At first sight, it does not appear as though the rear window of the i5 Touring can be opened independently of the tailgate, like before, and that’s a pity. Maybe the rear fascia looks also a little naked, with only a minuscule spoiler stretching out from the roof. Perhaps it would look nicer if the spoiler was a little larger or there were slightly more small accents.


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