Louvain welcomes e-car-sharing system BattMobility

Car sharing is increasingly popular in Louvain. In the last four years, the number of users has increased by 80%. However, Poppy discontinued service after only three months. In the meantime, newcomer BattMobility hopes to fill the gap.

BattMobility only offers electric shared cars with a fixed parking space, a significant difference from Poppy’s concept. Poppy worked according to the ‘pick up and leave at a place of your choice’ principle.

Cautious approach

Poppy started in Leuven with 35 cars and aimed to expand to 60, but that scenario ended early. The Poppy management gave up because the system was not catching on quickly enough.

The new provider, the Ghent-base BattMobility, only offers electric vehicles with a fixed parking space and will be analyzed after a one-year pilot project. The company, founded in 2017 in Ghent, opts for a somewhat cautious approach: it currently only has one shared car on the road in Leuven, and three more vehicles will be added in Leuven in the short term.

Unique leasing formula

In addition to traditional car sharing, BattMobility offers a leasing formula with sharing options for entrepreneurs, companies, self-employed people, and private individuals.

The idea is simple: if you don’t need your car, others can use it, and your lease bill will decrease. “This way, we have customers who can drive a Polestar 2 or a Tesla for 300 euros per month,” concludes David De Beukelaer, marketing manager for BattMobility.

Fewer cars, lower costs

Electric mobility is rising now that the tax benefits for hybrid vehicles have been removed, especially in the business segment. “We have the solution for companies and self-employed people,” says De Beukelaer. “BattMobility’s leasing solutions ensure fewer cars in parking lots, lower costs for companies, and a good interaction between companies and citizens.”

Today, Leuven already has more than 230 shared cars, and more than 5,400 families and companies use shared vehicles. Other shared mobility providers are Cambio, Cozywheels, and Dégage.


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